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Andrea Kiff - Ajar Designs Ink
Andrea Kiff
Owner and Idea Wizard

Ajar designs ink. started just like your business — with an idea.

In 1998, while in college, I had the idea to start a print design business. The name would be based on my initials: AJR. The first logo design was a door that is ajar with light shining through. In 1999, I created the concept of ajar designs ink. In 2006, I started operating my business as ajar designs ink.


Ajar 1998


Ajar 1999


Ajar Logo 2006


Ajar 2010 Logo


Ajar 2017 Logo

I’d always thought I would run my own business – I loved hearing people’s stories, and by the time I was 10 or 11 years old I had started creating print materials by compiling a school newsletter.

That love of stories has turned into a passion for empowering businesses to create a unique experience with their brand, because brands are all about storytelling at every interaction.

We’re always open to new ideas – in fact, we invite them. With over a decade in business, our flexible solutions, full-service process, and trust network of suppliers, we approach every idea with the fearlessness of beginners and the wisdom of experts to create premium brand experiences.

So how does the process work?

Whether you’re full to the brim of ideas or need guidance on products, our process is all about providing a custom solution for you with print, design or promotion services.

When you need products designed, we can work with your logo and content to set up the perfect layout. Once we’ve got the final design for a print or promotional item, we send your order to one of our trusted suppliers and manage your order for you, from business cards to pens to t-shirts.

Our suppliers are primarily located in Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and the GTA. Sometimes we go beyond those regions — our network brings you infinite options, premium quality products and the best professional advice. Once your product is done, we deliver the order with a smile.

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